Welcome to LOVE Health Coaching!

I'm Molly Courtney, health coach, personal trainer, mother, and diet rebel. I have a degree in Exercise Science with extensive training and education around behavior change, nutrition and human performance, and I work one-on-one with women to help them reach their health goals with LOVE. (Yes, this is absolutely possible!)

As a trainer and coach, I've been helping people lose weight for 12 years. But what I've found is that even after my clients have lost up to 200 lbs (yes, true story), they are still not happy with their bodies.

Why is that? Because there's so much more going on that we don't realize! I've created this site to help you reach your goals and actually be happy with your body with out a diet. My unique, four-tiered approach will help you reach your
goals without dieting, without being mean to yourself, and without the struggle.