Welcome to LOVE Health!

I'm Molly Courtney, holistic health coach, personal trainer, mother, and diet rebel and I work one-on-one with women to help them reach their health goals with LOVE. (Yes, this is absolutely possible!)

I help women release their confidence that has been squashed and hidden because the world told them that is not ok to stand out unless you look and act in a certain way.

I empower women to stop hiding behind their bodies, food choices, and how bad they crushed it at the gym and talk about what's real and matters in their life.

I inspire women to rebel against the body messages that teach us to question our intuition and constantly be thinking “maybe I am doing it wrong?” Messages that tell us that we need to change so that we can "correctly" eat, move, and be human.

I help you unapologetically live by your personalized definition of health.

I have been coaching half of my life and I hold national certifications in personal training, health and mindset coaching. I have my  degree in  Exercise Science and have specialized training in behavior change, nutrition and human performance.

Welcome to my rebellion!