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Health & Wellness Coaching


We work together to identify internal strengths, external resources, and develop self-management strategies for making sustainable, healthy lifestyle, behavior changes that align with your values.


I hold you in unconditional positive regard and believe in your capacity for change. I honor that you are an expert on your life.


I am a Board Certified Health & Wellness coach and follow a Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice set by the ICHWC. 

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Molly helped remind me that I need to take action on what's best for me without worry about what others may think.  I was struggling with something specific and talking with her made it clear what I need to do and encouraged me to follow through with action.

Kim T.

My time with Molly was incredible!  It challenged me and opened my thinking to accept myself while taking a hard look at my relationship to food and the power I’d given it in my life.  I learned to be mindful In  My decisions that support my health.

Kim L.
I would recommend Molly's workshops to anyone. I attended her movement talk and it was so inspiring and I left ready to get moving and make a real change. She is very knowledgeable and she has a great approach to helping you get started and makes it fun!
Molly Is Fantastic, I wish I could get everyone to listen to her!
Working with Molly opened my eyes. I don’t need all the science studies/diet books/women magazines to tell me what is good for me – was it carbs or was it protein? I can make my own science and feel what works for me and makes me happy and healthy. Molly guided me to find my own rules and defining my own life based on what feels good for me. With her support, I could free myself from all the have-tos & should-dos. In the sessions, she showed me how to recover from excusing and over explaining for taking care of myself. We figured out the roots of my bad habits and created new supportive habits. Molly is an amazing coach – incredible supportive, adapted immediately to my individual situation, never run out of options for me. Thank you so much for taking my life on a new level.

I was very vulnerable with Molly about struggles I am working though. I never felt judged or shamed, but instead, supported and encouraged.