Welcome to LOVE Health!

I am Molly Courtney, I am a Mindful Health & Wellness Coach. I help women powerfully rebel against diet culture, and discover sustainable healthy habits they LOVE. Together we build a unique plan centered in self-awareness, we tame your inner gremlin and create your own path with to better health. I allow you to choose where you are ready to change and help you build support in areas of resistance. I help you build your trust in your inner wisdom and quite the voices of "shoulds" so you can make changes that are deeply meaningful. I simplify action so it can be both sustainable and enjoyable. I help your believe in their own strength and feel confident about a positive future with your body & self.

Welcome to my rebellion!

If you are looking for a safe place to explore new options with your health and build your foundation for lasting change regardless of the path you choose for improved health, I invite you to out my 7 Week Group Coaching Program HERE.  Next session begins July 9th!