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I help my clients transition from the diet cycle to sustainable and enjoyable health habits that support their long-term health.


Hello. Before I dive into some of the things that may have brought you to my page, I want you to know that the way you feel in your body, and the struggles you face are normal. I know, because I’ve been having intimate conversations with people just like you for 20 years.

I also want you to know that just because they are normal, doesn’t make them right.

You deserve to feel safe in your body, and you are enough as you are now. However, the size and health-obsessed culture we live in may have you feeling that if you could just change your body, life would be easier and you’d be happier.

Here are a few desires I hear most from my clients just like you:

You want to sit in a chair, restaurant or plane without fear.

You want to feel comfortable in your clothes, without spending a fortune in specialty stores.

You want to feel safe going to the doctor’s office, without every conversation turning to a lecture about your weight.

You want to wear shorts or a tank top on hot days without feeling like all eyes are (judgmentally) on you.

You want to engage in movement and life’s adventures without the worry of embarrassment or injury.

You’ve stopped opening up to people about your hurt, struggles, and fears because conversations leave you feeling worse instead of better.

Everyone is telling you that you need to “fix it,” “make a lifestyle change,” or “you just need to…” as if you haven’t poured your heart into trying already and NOTHING seems to be working.

If only someone would tell you how!

Hello, I’m Molly

I’m a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach who uses evidenced-based coaching practices to support my clients in finding their unique path to better health.

Which means… I won’t try to sell you a magic pill or quick fix that may work short-term but leaves you feeling like you failed because you couldn’t maintain the extreme choices it required for “success.”

I am a rebel, no-nonsense type of gal at heart and love challenging the status quo - I believe the “thin-ideal” is a bunch of BS and you don’t need to waste another second trying to be thinner before feeling better or healthier in your body!

I have a love for adventure and my career choices have allowed me opportunities for exciting exploration. I’ve coached a variety of populations including youth, adults, seniors, athletes, and cardiac patients.

If you share a love for rebellious adventure - I’d love to start one with you and have a little fun on your way to better health.

Let’s have some fun together!


I believe joy, laughter, and adventure are essential to health & wellness.

Maybe even more so than food or exercise!


"I was very vulnerable with Molly about struggles I am working through. I never felt judged or shamed, but instead supported and encouraged."

— Client testimonial

Is it time to go where you've never gone before?

You don't have to do it alone.


Now offering office appointments!

NEW! You now have two options for working with me! You can still conveniently receive health & wellness coaching over the phone from anywhere in the world (or while chasing kiddos!). AND, you can meet with me at my new location in Hillsboro, Oregon to chat about how to efficiently and joyfully reach your health & wellness goals.