Hey, I’m Molly

If you have a health goal and want to build sustainable habits to support your individual needs – but don’t know how or where to start this page is for you.

Unlike coaches that focus on meal plans, numbers, and molding you to fit into a program. Here your values, strengths, and things that bring you joy get to take a front seat on your road to success.

Here’s where your heart & healthy living meet.

I believe there’s more to you and wellness than just numbers.

If this sounds refreshing; I’d like to introduce myself.


I’m a mom, coach and the human body’s #1 fan.

Since I can remember, the human body has been one of my biggest obsessions.

I worked in the fitness & human performance industry for 10 years prescribing meal plans and exercise programs before transitioning to client-centered coaching and finding peace amongst the chaos for myself and clients with health. 

I have my degree in Exercise Science and am a nerd for human science, but for me, health & wellness success isn’t about numbers and facts. 

It’s about defining your goals, what success looks like for you and taking focused steps towards who you desire to be.

It’s about the joy experienced when living healthily on your own terms with personal strategies to support you.

What’s Included:

  1. Access to me! You hired me, so pick my brain! Email, call, text, ask anything and everything. I’m here for as much or little as you need.
  2. Weekly calls to check in, brainstorm and re-direct focus and action as needed.
  3. Email support to review our conversations & answer any follow-up questions or give additional resources.
  4. Someone to talk to who is accepting, non-judgemental support and outside of your family or friend support system.




  • You want to improve your health but are exhausted trying.
  • You’re up for an adventure and like thinking outside the box.
  • You want some guidance on how to make your goals flexible so that success can be found outside of perfectionism.
  • You want to have fun and enjoy life while you improve your health. You are tired of feeling like you have to give up everything to be healthy! (P.S. You don’t!)

Then YES my coaching is definitely MADE FOR YOU!!

I want  to be a voice in the world that reminds you:

You are worthy and enough regardless of what you eat, how you move, or what size you are.

Working on a health goal doesn’t have to suck the life out of you: it can be joyful.

It doesn’t have to be hard to be effective.

You don’t deserve penance or punishment.

Your strength is not measured by how well you count calories.

You are beautifully human and your weaknesses are not flaws that need to be fixed.

Ready to start? Then fill this form and join me on this adventure!

See you on the other side!


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