Introducting Top Three Thursdays!

Introducting Top Three Thursdays!

I was reminded by my own coach this week that although the health paradigm shift is loud and clear on my social media feed, it is not so for many. Maybe you.

My feed is full of body positivity messages and coaches promoting health at every size and has very little diet culture messages. As a result, I feel more empowered in my body than I ever have.

This wasn't true a year ago. Last year I was learning how to find my place as a coach on social media.  I was watching companies with billions to spend on marketing (diet programs) and trying to learn how they are so very powerful on social media.  What I found out enraged me... but that is a story for another time.

The result of me clicking on diet coaches and diet ads to learn from their success was a social feed, Amazon book suggestions and web advertisements full of diet messages.

Not cool right?

It was not good for my health, or wellbeing.  I made a choice to intentionally stop clicking, stop looking, and unfollow even some of my friends who promote diet systems.  I realized that I can be their friend in real life, but their social media feed was bad for my mental health and I needed to draw a firm boundary.

Things like this happen all the time, you click announce your pregnancy or engagement on social media and all of sudden you see nothing but baby, parenting or wedding posts and advertisements. I can be maddening and a bit scary how much the internet is stalking our every thought and action so that companies can make a profit from us.

We could get mad at the system and feel trapped by it, but very little good would come out of that. So, I am inviting you to rebel against the system in a more powerful way!

If your feed is bringing you down with it's messages about your body, let's use the algorithms to our advantage and get you feeling more empowered with your body and health.

I am going to commit to bring you 3 articles, books or resources that are 100% body positive on Thursdays.  It's a new little thing I am calling Top Three Thursdays.

Click, Click, Click!!!

Open and read as many of them as you can.  Follow and like the pages associated to the authors and demand Google, Facebook and Amazon to start sending you different, more positive information about your body!

I am confident that by intentionally surrounding yourself by empowering messages that are not afraid to challenge the thin ideal culture will have you feeling better about yourself and your health in no time!

Are you in?

Let's get started with a few of my Favorites... honestly there are so many it is hard to keep it at just three! Thankfully there will always be another Thursday.

1. Food Psych Podcast

Chrissy Harrison is speaking up in a big way with her interviews of professionals in the health field sharing their stories of how they adopted a non-diet approach. Please do not let the occasional cuss word stop you from hearing the powerful messages here.

2. Health at Every Size.

This is a MUST read for every human in my opinion. If letting go of the idea of disassociating your health and your weight has been hard for you or if you believe you have to lose weight to be healthy, then this book breaks it all down with over 400 studies referenced to prove it.

3. Be Nourished

A wealth of information and two amazing heart centered women paving a path for practitioners and anyone ready to challenge the stigmas of weight.  Plus, there's the bonus of them being local for me right here in Portland!

Like this?  Have some to add to the list? Let me know by emailing me at  Let's re-program a healthier feed together!

I'll be back next week with articles and resources to fuel your body positive fire!


With love,


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