I can help you take simple action steps now, and find joy and balance on your journey to better health.


✔ Live according to your own personalized definition of health

✔ Feel in control of your health choices

✔ Become a mindful eater and eliminate binges and extreme cravings 

✔ Live confidently in your body

✔ Honor your values and strengths on your journey 

✔ Improve your self-awareness

✔ Detox the things that are draining your energy & life

✔ Move consistently, even if you are limited by your size or pain

✔ Be comfortable with who you are regardless of what others think


These are just some of the benefits you can receive from working with me.









If you:


✔ Are secretively confident... but are afraid to let yourself shine so others can see you in the same way you do.

✔ Believe in yourself and feel successful in other areas of your life, but feel insecure when it comes to your body... like you just can't get it right.

✔ Are in an unhealthy relationship with your body or food... you are tired of fighting yourself.


Then maybe what you need isn't more "shoulds." In Fact, maybe you need to simplify your pursuit of better health!





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Individual Three Month Holistic Health Transformation $1100

 1 initial 60 min discovery call building your healthy life vision and our coaching partnership + 11 Weeks of 20-30 min coaching calls

✔ Introduction to my method to find customized action plans that fit perfectly into your life... I call it the L-O-V-E Method (TM).

✔ Accepting and non-judgmental support that meets you where you are and helps you clarify your next best steps to close the gap between where you are now and where you hope to be.

Would you like to learn more? Let's connect for a free Mind Mapping Introduction Session to discuss how you are hoping a coach could support you at this time.

7 Week Group Coaching Program

Together we will...

➳Create a vision so strong that you won't have to worry about willpower or motivation ever again

➳Explore new and exciting possibilities for your future - free from the "rules" and "shoulds" of the world.

➳Live and take action with a fun and adventurous attitude!

You Will...

🔆 Increase your self-awareness and make choices from your inner compass.

🔆 Stop waiting until you have changed your body to take pictures, wear clothes you love, go on vacations, date, exercise, eat what you want, or ask for a promotion.

🔆 Let loose and allow more joy in the process, and STILL take healthy action (YES! It's possible).

Next session begins July 9th. Sign up HERE!

Mind Mapping Introduction Session

This is where you get to get dump everything that is swirling in your head about what you could or should be doing for your health and I help you dissect it down to what is your best next step towards better health.  We will create a crystal clear vision for the type of healthy life you'd love to have.  I will help you uncover any hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your efforts and success maintaining nutrition and exercise plans. I am committed to you leaving the session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally live in peace with food, exercise and your body.


Please CLICK HERE To access my schedule or email me at molly@lovehealthcoaching.com to schedule your session and assess if coaching would be appropriate for your needs.


Credentials and Experience:


13+Years coaching experience

BS in Exercise and Sports Science

ACCA Certified Personal Trainer (ACE & NASM)

ACCA Certified Health Coach (ACE)

EXOS Certified Performance Specialist

Guiding Mindful Change Certification


Cardiac Rehab

Public Gyms and Private Clubs

Corporate Health

Performance (athletic) Contracts