Since I can remember, the human body has been one of my biggest obsessions. I fell in love with movement at a young age and always excelled at movement based activities. This passion, as well as my curiosity in motor learning, lead me to graduate with my BS in Exercise Science. With the desire to share this love with others I became a Certified Personal Trainer and a certified Health Coach.


I coached the hard way for seven years; meal plans, regimented exercise programs, food logs, rules, restrictions, and calorie counting. My clients suffered and I suffered. The standard, acceptable, and “popular” approach wasn't working, and the worst part was that my clients’ results were not lasting. Frustrated and feeling like a failure, I decided to quit after the birth of my first child.


Training remained in the back of my mind. I still loved it, I missed it, and I just knew there had to be another way.


When my middle child was a year old, I decided it was time to go back to work. I got hired with one of the leading human performance companies in the world as a Performance Specialist. It was amazing for my growth as a coach because I had the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional professionals like Physical Therapists, Dieticians, and Performance Coaches.  It was a privilege working at Intel with people facing everyday challenges in corporate health.  They are an exceptional company that values the whole picture of health, and they opened my eyes to new ways of gauging success.


It was exactly what I needed: a fresh perspective!


Three incredible years with that company pushed my education consistently and helped me develop my skills and a fresh outlook on transformative change. My curiosity and love for helping people grew stronger. I knew I wanted to implement everything I’d learned, but I wanted to approach my coaching differently.


So I started asking different questions:


"How do I help clients beat the 90% odds of bouncing back to old habits after an attempt to change?"


“What are we missing in the standard approach to health improvement?"


"What keeps my clients from satisfaction with what they’ve achieved?”


What I uncovered changed how I feel about wellness, nutrition, fitness, and overall mental health forever. I started to have fun with my work and with my clients, and I realized that not only is that essential to a fulfilling career, it’s also the key to sustainable change with health, wellness, and…pretty much everything.


After the birth of my third child, I took all this new insight and started my own coaching practice. I poured my heart into it. I created the L-O-V-E coaching method, and that is currently the basis for what I teach today.


You can learn more about my story and my L-O-V-E method by downloading my free Diet Rebels Guide - How to Get Results with L-O-V-E here, or by joining my Facebook community The Diet Rebels.  




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  1. Marji

    Hi Molly, I know by your outlook and happy family that you are embracing your life in a positive way. It is a breath of fresh air from all the media attention on diets and the “perfect” body. It is not only unsustainable in the long run, but also fuels feelings of failure. I love your aproach to look within and listen to your unique self to create a joyful and healthy life. And I think it is awesome you want to help others embrace their own unique bodies and lives.

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